Looking for Opportunities in Supply Chain Chaos

Today’s discussion is around ongoing supply chain risks and how members of Allspring’s growth equity teams are turning chaos into opportunity for their investors. Susan Raynes, executive vice president and head of the Institutional Client Group and Global Consultant Relations, speaks with Chris Warner, CFA, portfolio manager on the Discovery Growth Equity team, and David Nazaret, CFA, portfolio manager on the Dynamic Growth Equity team.

Inflation Outlook: Clear as Mud

At his July 22, 2022, press conference, Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Powell said that over the coming months, the Fed “will be looking for compelling evidence that inflation is moving down, consistent with inflation returning to 2%.” Is there clear, convincing, or compelling evidence that inflation is headed that way? Not yet. The outlook is still as clear as mud. Let’s look at a few factors that inform our outlook on inflation.