Searching for Retirement Income Solutions

In this special episode, Ron Cohen, head of DCIO (Defined Contribution Investment Only), speaks with Jamie Greenleaf, senior vice president for OneDigital’s Retirement + Wealth. Their conversation centers around one main question: Where are the retirement income solutions in defined contribution plans today and going forward?

History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes: Time to diversify your diversifiers

The world is currently facing a multitude of troubles. Inflation is running hot, recession is looming on the horizon, there is a war in Europe and tensions in Asia, and there are serious concerns of a banking crisis. Uncertainty and anxiety are heightened, leaving investors to wonder what the future holds and how they can protect their portfolios.

Don’t let the yield curve flatten your LDI portfolio

Unusually flat

Most market commentators talk about the U.S. Treasury yield-curve steepness in the context of the short end: T-bill yield versus the 2-year Treasury yield. But given that U.S. pension plans have approximately 80% of their liability risk associated with yields beyond 10 years, a more important metric is the 10-year Treasury yield versus the 30-year Treasury yield (below).

Megatrends: The Great Wealth Transfer and the Ecosystem It Creates

This episode features a conversation between Manju Boraiah, head of Systematic Fixed Income and Custom SMA (separately managed accounts) at Allspring, and Sean Burke, head of the Remi Specialist Group, on the topic of megatrends and, specifically, the megatrend of the massive generational wealth transfer over the next two decades.