Tech-First Transformation

This conversation centers on how as we continue to transition to a digital economy, every business needs to also transform to become a technology business. Peter Williams and Nick Birk from Allspring’s Technology team and Discovery Growth Equity team, respectively, discuss this with Alison McGlincy, global head of talent acquisition for Allspring Global Investments.

Stewardship + Engagement = Commitment

Kelly Vives, Allspring’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, discusses Allspring’s robust stewardship platform and engagement efforts with Jamie Newton, head of Global Fixed Income Research for Allspring. ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and climate transition are also topics of conversation.

A Deep Dive into Allspring’s Market Risk Monitor

Today’s topic of discussion is Allspring’s Market Risk Monitor, a report that the firm uses to capture, distill, and disseminate headline risks across the Allview investment platform. Ann Miletti, head of Active Equity, and John Hockers, co-head of Investment Analytics, go over the genesis of the report and the top ten risks Allspring currently sees in the market.

Market Fireworks and Independence Themes around the World

Discussing the major fireworks set off this year and how the theme of independence is taking shape around the globe today are Joseph Dore, head of EMEA Consultant Relations, and Brian Jacobsen, senior investment strategist, with Allspring Global Investments.