Future U.S. Government Shutdown? What It Means to Investors

With the deadline looming for the U.S. government to pass a bill in order to avert a government shutdown, Jeff Weaver, head of Global Liquidity Solutions, and Henri Proutt, portfolio specialist for the Global Liquidity Solutions team, discuss what investors should and should not be concerned about, depending on the result. Jeff and Henri recorded this conversation on November 14, 2023.

Fixed Income Today: Consistent, Disciplined Approach Is Key

With the Federal Reserve signaling that they’re done raising rates for the time being, Noah Wise, senior portfolio manager for Allspring’s Plus Fixed Income team, and George Bory, chief investment strategist for Allspring Fixed Income, discuss their views on the current interest rates situation and how investors might want to consider positioning their fixed income portfolios in this type of environment.

Riding the Curve: A Sprint or a Marathon?

Recorded on August 23, 2023, this conversation centers on the parallels between the world of running and how investors might consider positioning themselves across the yield curve today to run a successful race. Danny Sarnowski, portfolio specialist for the Plus Fixed Income team with Allspring Global Investments, and Abby Becker, consultant relations associate manager, share their thoughts.

U.S. Jobs Report: Stronger Than the Investment Outlook

Aligning with the U.S. Labor Day holiday, Matthias Scheiber, head of Allspring’s Systematic Edge Multi-Asset team, and Travis Keshemberg, senior portfolio manager on the Systematic Edge Multi-Asset team, review the U.S. employment situation and discuss the potential opportunities and challenges in the next 6 to 12 months.

Recession Risks Are Rising—Are You Prepared?

In this podcast, Jamie Newton, head of Global Fixed Income Research and deputy head of Sustainability at Allspring, and Rick Hartley, senior vice president and client advisor on the Insurance Solutions team, discuss reasons the U.S. economy has remained resilient to date, the signs pointing to a possible recession on the horizon, and strategies investors can use to prepare for it.

Make the Most of Your Offseason

The summer can be a slower time for financial advisors and their business. Dr. Rick Jensen, world-renowned performance coach, sports psychologist, and author, and Scott Engroff, sales manager and senior vice president for Intermediary Sales at Allspring Global Investments, discuss how advisors can use that downtime in the offseason to take their game to the next level.