Fed Be Nimble. Fed Be Quick.

When Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome Powell took the helm of the Fed in 2018, the Fed was close to the end of its rate-hiking cycle that started in December 2015. At the time, he said the Fed would be gradual with hikes. Fast-forward to January 2022, and Chair Powell dropped “gradual” in favor of being “nimble.” Then in the spring of 2022, he said the Fed would move “expeditiously” to bring down inflation.

Pre-FOMC Announcement Special Edition: The Week That Was … The Week to Come

Brian Jacobsen, Janet Rilling, and Jeff Weaver provide perspective on the U.S. economy—and key indicators we monitor to gauge the potential for a recession—as we look ahead to the FOMC announcement on June 15, 2022.

Russia-Ukraine Special Edition: The Week That Was … the Week to Come

Brian Jacobsen provides perspective on the Russia-Ukraine war and other key topics of the current week—plus, his thoughts about what the week ahead may hold. Here’s his report for the week of May 28–June 3, 2022. Plus: There’s a recap of May’s key events.