2023 Midyear Outlook: Allview Face-Off Roundtable

Discussing their predictions for markets and beyond for the second half of 2023 are Frank Cooke, head of International Solutions for the Systematic Edge team; Danny Sarnowski, portfolio specialist for the Plus Fixed Income team; and Ozo Jaculewicz, senior portfolio specialist for the Discovery Growth Equity team. A more complete discussion can be found in Allspring’s 2023 Midyear Outlook: https://allsprg.co/3JjJ0kM

Coiled Springs: A Purposefully Divergent Outlook for Growth Stocks

High inflation and interest rates brought significant pain to growth equites in 2022. Looking forward, attractive valuations and resilient earnings fundamentals are presenting an attractive opportunity to patient investors. Jen Blaha, director of Portfolio Construction and Analytics at Allspring, discusses this with Mike Smith, senior portfolio manager, and Ozo Jaculewicz, senior portfolio specialist, with the Discovery Growth Equity team.