Fixed Income Today: Consistent, Disciplined Approach Is Key

With the Federal Reserve signaling that they’re done raising rates for the time being, Noah Wise, senior portfolio manager for Allspring’s Plus Fixed Income team, and George Bory, chief investment strategist for Allspring Fixed Income, discuss their views on the current interest rates situation and how investors might want to consider positioning their fixed income portfolios in this type of environment.

Fed Preview: Talk Isn’t Cheap

The old saying is that “talk is cheap.” It certainly isn’t if you’re a central banker. Investors hang on a central banker’s every word. Whether the Federal Reserve (Fed) hikes by 75 basis points (bps; 100 bps equal 1.00%) or 50 bps is probably less relevant than what Fed officials say with their Summary of Economic Projections (their guesses about what they’ll do in the future and how the economy may evolve).