Fed in a pickle: Fight inflation OR fuel a banking crisis?

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 21‒22. A week ago, investors were fretting over whether the FOMC might speed up its rate hikes. Now, some are saying the FOMC might cut rates. What’s changed in such a short time? Things are breaking, that’s what.

A leap of faith led me to find my “true calling”

The year was 2002. Armed with my college degree, zero direction, no LinkedIn, no one providing potential paths, and no desire to move back home, I did what every parent dreads: moved in with a boyfriend. I wanted my own money, so I got a job bartending and waitressing. During those six months of hard physical work, I realized a few things: The service industry consists of amazing people who work hard, function over form is best for shoes when you work on your feet, and I had a knack for chatting people up and selling.

International Women’s Day: Elevate to Be More

Sallie Squire, chief operating officer of Allspring, is interviewed by Christine Collins and Tyndale Brickey, co-leads for the Women’s Allspring Connectivity Group on International Women’s Day. As an executive leader, Sallie talks with Christine and Tyndale about who and what propelled her career, as well as the importance of mentors, overcoming challenges, and influencing the next generation of women leaders.